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Landlord Insurance

If you are a Landlord you will need to protect your property with Landlord Insurance - its contents, and potential loss of rent. Landlord insurance serves to protect landlords during circumstances where they are prevented from using their property to earn an income.

A landlord may be liable to the tenant or others for injuries caused by dangerous or defective conditions on the rental property, as well as criminal activity and environmental hazards such as lead. A tenant can file a personal injury lawsuit for unlawful eviction, medical bills, lost earnings, pain and other physical suffering, permanent physical disability and disfigurement and emotional distress.

Determine what you want your policy to do for you in the event of a claim. Besides the base coverage within your policy, you will need to decide what optional coverage needs to be included. These can include but are not limited to: liability, loss of rents, other structures, theft, personal property, vandalism or malicious mischief (sometimes included in the policy), and earthquake.

Make sure that besides physical injury your policy also covers libel, slander, discrimination, unlawful and retaliatory eviction as well as invasion of privacy suffered by tenants and guests.

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