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Workers Compensation Insurance

The State of Florida requires that every employer maintain Worker's Compensation Insurance coverage in case their employees are injured or become ill because of work-related conditions. Whether you are new in business, are experiencing a lapse in work comp coverage or are simply looking for a better rate, First Commercial Insurance Agency can provide you with policies at the best rates.





Florida workers compensation insurance protects an employer from liability for an accident involving an employee. The insurance coverage pays benefits to your employees if they are injured on the job. It will cover medical bills, a portion of lost wages, vocational rehabilitation, and death benefits. The coverage amount is established by state law and benefits don't vary from company to company within the same state.

Workers compensation insurance coverage costs can be decreased by ensuring compliance with safety procedures in the workplace; controlling open claims; establishing return-to-work programs in case of injury and making safety a part of your workplace culture.

First Commercial Insurance Agency has access to providers of employers liability insurance. Please contact us for information regarding the best policy for your employer's liability insurance needs.



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